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Indonesia's highest Islamic clerical council declared Valentine's Day forbidden by Islamic law in 2012, saying it was contradictory to Muslim culture and teachings. But the vast majority of Indonesia's more than 220 million Muslims follow a moderate form of Islam in a country with sizeable Christian and Hindu minorities. Indonesia is a secular country whose state ideology enshrines religious diversity. In Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and other parts of the country, Valentine's Day has grown in popularity with companies, like national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, looking to cash in by offering special discounts and promotions. In Pakistan, an Islamic republic, a court banned public Valentine's Day celebrations in its capital. The Islamabad High Court also ordered the media to "ensure that nothing about the celebration of Valentine's Day and its promotion is spread". That hurt some businesses in the city of 2 million people. "I've sold at least 50 percent less flowers today than in past years. People just haven't come out to buy them," said Haider Ali, who works at the F7 flower market in Islamabad. PROMOTING LOVE In other Asian countries, authorities took the opposite position on Valentine's Day, imposing preemptive measures to protect festivities and even encouraging sex.

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PETA promises anonymity and is asking the person whomever was on the Winnipeg set of the Amblin/Walden Media/Universal film and took the footage of the dog being forced into the water to call their whistleblower hotline number. While PETAwhose motto reads, in part, that animals are not ours to use for entertainment has had a reward fund for years, this particular reward comes courtesy of a donor who was horrified by the behind-the-scenes footage and shocked by PETAs video expose of BAU (Bird & Animals Unlimited). The footage that aired on TMZ was apparently shot 14 months earlier in October of 2015 but only surfaced two weeks before the film was released wide into theaters. The film has grossed $34.7M through yesterday. American Humane announced earlier that an independent, third-party investigation found that no animals were harmed on the set of A Dogs Purposeand said that the video ชุดเครื่องนอน broadcast by TMZ showing a German Shepard being forced into the water and the later slipping under water mischaracterized the events on the set. They have not released the full video as yet to the public, but did acknowledge that the handling of the dog in the first scene in the video should have been gentler and signs of stress recognized earlier. Here is PETAs statement: Thanks to a dog-loving donor, PETA is offering a reward of $5,000 to the person who shot and leaked the now-infamous video footage of a terrified dog who was forced into churning water on the set of A Dogs Purposean act that even the films producer admits never should have happened. The footage led to the revelation that the dog came from Hollywood animal supplier Birds & Animals Unlimited (BAU), where a PETA video expose revealed that animals were denied adequate veterinary care and forced to sleep outdoors in the cold without bedding for warmth, among other things. Since then, American Humane, which was on set and whose representative did not stop the filming when the dog was struggling, has defended the dogs treatmentbut has found itself under fire for its failure to prevent and address dozens of deaths and injuries on the sets of films and television productions over the years, including The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and HBOs Luck. Thanks to this person who thought to capture the incident, the world caught a tiny glimpse of what animals endure simply to make a movie, said PETA senior VP Lisa Lange. Animal abusers rely on secrecy, and since the animals cant rely on protection from filmmakers or on-set monitors who regard them as props, PETA hopes this reward will encourage anyone who witnesses on-set cruelty or neglect to come forward. The evidence will be gratefully received.

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