If This Sort Of Fund Will Help Push Back And Allow Communities To Be Stabilised Then I Think It's A Good Thing, He Said.

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To address concerns about value for money in aid spending at a time of austerity, ministers want to spend more of the money not only relieving poverty but also promoting Britain's strategic interests. As such, they are developing a new so-called "empowerment fund" worth 700m over four years. Stability This could be used by the Foreign Office and other departments to help developing countries counter the threat of Islamic extremism or the clout of Russia. This could mean, say, more training for Ukraine in cyber defence - or more education for Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Nadhim Zahawi, a Conservative member of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, welcomed the idea. "If this sort of fund will help push back and allow communities to be stabilised then I think it's a good thing," he said. "Stability directly feeds into peoples' livelihoods, education, all the things that development should be quite rightly backing." Scrutiny But others MPs fear the new fund could divert money away from helping the poorest countries in Africa and Asia. "These cross government funds which have a lot less scrutiny, a lot less transparency than the work that's done through the Department for International Development, I think, are an increasing concern," says Stephen Doughty, a Labour member of the Commons International Development Committee. "And unfortunately it's quite clear the money isn't necessarily being spent as well as it should be, ironically, as we're diverting it away from the department that does spend it well." The new fund is being driven by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

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