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He suggested the reporting showed how "worried" media bosses were by the prospect of a Labour government. The Sun said it would continue to ask "inconvenient" questions. Details of a file held on Mr Corbyn by the StB, the Communist-era Czechoslovakian intelligence agency, were first reported by The Sun almost a week ago. It reported contacts Mr Corbyn is alleged to have had with Mr Sarkocy, who was working in the Czechoslovakian embassy in London, towards the end of the Cold War in 1986 and 1987. Czech officials have since told the BBC Mr Corbyn was a "person of interest" to their intelligence agencies but introduction of online shopping not an informant, contradicting claims reportedly made by Mr Sarkocy. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionFormer Sun executive Trevor Kavanagh defends paper's coverage The story has been widely reported by British newspapers, prompting calls by Theresa May for Mr Corbyn to be open about his past actions and one cabinet minister to accuse him of "betraying" Britain. Mr Corbyn has previously declined to comments on the claims, but earlier on Tuesday at an event in London he was asked directly whether he was a Czech spy, replying "no". The Labour leader has now upped the ante, releasing a video message to supporters accusing newspapers of reporting "increasingly wild and entirely false" claims made by Mr Sarkocy. "In the last few days, The Sun, The online shopping sites list Mail, The Telegraph and The Express have all gone a little bit James Bond. "It's easy to laugh, but something more serious is happening," he said.

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